All Saints CE First School has made significant adjustments to our organisational and logistical aspects of school life due to Covid-19. Although many children have transitioned extremely well back to school, some children are showing the need for interventions following their time away from school. The funds provided by the Government are allowing each school the flexibility to utilise the funds how they best see fit and select the methods that will provide the greatest impact and support for all the children. The methods selected at All Saints will benefit EVERY child in our school, but in particular the most vulnerable. We are able to provide further reading scheme books, intervention materials, additional hours for staff to complete weekly interventions across the school. In order to achieve all our intentions the catch up premium funding is topped up with some pupil premium funding. The EEF have extensive evidence to show that one to one and small group interventions are likely to have the highest impact. The EEF have also stated that technology will support an effective return to schools and will continue to break down barriers to learning. Governors will be updated at their meetings on the spending and impact of this budget.

All Saints CE First School Catch-Up Premium
Catch Up Premium £3440.00
Pupil Premium Budget Top Up£1434.88
Total £4874.88
ItemWhoPurposeCostTotal Catch Up/ PPWhen
Reading & Phonics Intervention Y1 & Y2Additional 3 hours support to provide phonics/ reading intervention.£90 per week x 14 weeks£1260Catch Up Autumn Term
Reading & Writing Intervention Y3 & Y4Additional 6 hours support to provide phonics/ reading /writing intervention.£180 per week x 14 weeks£2520Catch Up Autumn Term
Online Reading BooksY1 &Y2To be able to use in lessons in school and most importantly at home should they self-isolate individually or as a class. £255.32£255.32Catch Up Autumn Term
IPADs x 2Y1 & Y2To increase the IT capacity now the ICT suite is no longer accessible to this group.£279.78 each £559.56Catch Up Autumn Term
Emotional Literacy Support Intervention Y3 - Y4 Twice weekly intervention sessions to support the children anxious on returning to school.£20 per week x 14 weeks £280Catch Up /PPAutumn Term
Total £4874.88